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A fan wiki of where you can make your own children of gods all over. From Greek, to Egyptian to even Norse! This is a place for all you myth lovers. (Note: Do not make children of gods or goddesses that were never married like Hestia or Artemis from Greek Myths.And also, no children of The Oracle,Monsters are allowed!)


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Demigod/Ichor Blood Of The Month


The Character of the Month for April, Selena Waltz made by the amazing, Lexi-Rose44!

Selena Waltz is the daughter of the muse of dancing, Terpsichore.

Your prize will be a drawing of Selena from Admin146 and Piplupgirl123 and a trophy with Selena on top of it!  

Check out her godessly profile here!

Check back here every month for a new demigod/Inchor Blood Of the month!


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